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Set Design  Streetcar Named Desire(2022)   Se tu fossi(2023)   Salome(2023)   Pagliacci(2023)   Cahndelier(2023)   0,0,0(2023)   Performative Structures+Festivals  Gromko(2022)   Lock, Drop, Bop(2022)   Write Once Look Twice(2023)   Open House(2024)   We Caught a UFO!(2024)   Talamo(2024)   Architecture  Banjole(2023)   Brig(2023)   Sandbox(2023)   Exhibitions  Bacteria Babies(2023/4)   Concept  (Not)Parliament(2020)   Over Domestic Wholesale(2021)   Addendum(2021)   Re-inventing the Asset(2022)  Archive(xxx)   Visuals  LeCannibale@Base(2024)

@Vienna Designing Spaces Competition
Vienna, Austria
in collaboration with Xavier Madden  

The Sandbox offers a space for creative professionals of different backgrounds, both digital and analogue, to come together and collaborate while simultaneously engaging with both the wider and local communities. Access to communal creative spaces is important, which is why The Sandbox is a 'not-for-profit' and uses the generated ‘maker spaces’ revenue to fund a communal garden, a gallery and an event space for the wider community. This strategy aims to diversify its network, between peers and other young professionals, creating a loop of continuous knowledge exchange. This allows the ‘sand’ to move outside the ‘sandbox’, extending its influence and inspiration into the Viennese creative scene.

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